Which Credit Cards Are Best for Traveling Overseas?

March 4, 2013 by andrew

delta planeWith the American and world economies recovering, more people are travelling. This includes overseas travel. When travelling abroad, more folks prefer to use credit cards, as they are safer and easier than cash when travelling.

When using a card for travel overseas, you should have the best card that will give you the best benefits. There are a lot of cards that offer perks, but some are better than others. The following three cards are the ones that are my favorites when travelling overseas.


1. Chase Sapphire Preferred. This card is a favorite because it doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees, and these could otherwise get expensive. It also offers 20% off on airfare, hotel, and cruises that are included in the Chase Ultimate Rewards program. Also, up to 25% more points can be earned when users take advantage of Chase’s booking tool. Chase Sapphire Preferred is a must have of very traveler because of these exciting perks.

2.  American Express Platinum. It is also free from foreign transaction fees–before it was 3%. Aside from removing the foreign fees, it also expanded its airport lounge access to 600 lounges worldwide. You can also get $100 credit to Global Entry, which allows travelers returning to the U. S. to bypass long customs line. What more can you ask for?

at the airport3. Capital One Venture Card. Same as the two previous cards, it doesn’t have foreign transaction fee. What makes it so special is that it does not have any blackout dates for reward travel, and there is no expiration on your miles. This card also allows users to take advantage of the different promotions that can become available globally.

These top three cards are accepted worldwide, which is convenient. Reliable cards, travelers should find that they have an easier go of it thanks to these best cards for overseas travel.


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Photo credits: Airport Terminal–NakedSky, Plane–InSapphoWeTrust

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