Top Ten Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit

April 19, 2014 by Sana Yasin

It is difficult to find credit card for your bad credit. With bad credit it is not easy to find a lender that can give you credit at lower interest rate with affordable terms and conditions. Here is the list of top ten best credit cards for bad credit:

1.Citi simplicity card:
Citi simplicity card


This card is issued by the Citi bank. Its features are

  • For 18 months of purchase and balance transfer inter APR is 0%. Then it varies currently it is 12.99% to 21.99% based on your credit limit.
  • You have to pay balance transfer fees. It is $5 or 3% of the amount, whichever is greater.
  • No late fees, no penalty fess and no annual fees for lifetime.
  • You have the liberty to set your payment preference e.g. by beginning, middle or end of the month.
  • Customer service is available 24 hours.






2. Barclay card Ring Master Card:

This card is considered to be lowest interest rate card. Its main features are

  • You need not to pay balance transfer fees.
  • You have to pay only 8% APR on balance transfer and purchases.
  • If your performance is good you will get reward trough new Given back program by Barclay’s.
  • Get to know the financial performance of the card by accessing online community and you can also vote on the features of this card. Through this online community, you can get the chance to know about personal finance offered by from Barclay’s.You have instant access to your online account.Untitled2




3.Capital one Secured Master Card:


Its features are designed for bad credit history. This card gives you the chance to improve your credit history. Its benefits are:

  • Build you credit score by paying no application or processing fees.
    You credit report is regularly reported to three major bureaus.
    By using credit tracker, you can get free access to your credit score and credit reports
  • If your credit worthiness and credit payments improve, your credit lines can increase.
  • You can use this card anywhere in the world with 24 hours customer care service.






4. Capital One Quick Sliver One:

This credit card give you cash reward. Its other features are

  • On every purchase you can earn up to 1.5% cash back.
  • To earn cash rewards you need not to rotate categories. You can redeem the cash reward any time you like. There is no limit to cash back and cash back does not expire either.
  • On purchase intro APR is 0% till January 2015 APR varies after that which is 22.9%.
  • You credit line can increase if you pay first five payments on time.
  • You also get the facility to get fraud coverage if card get lost or stolen.Untitled4





5. Applied Bank Visa and Master card:

It is a secured card. You have to make a security deposit that is used as collateral.  Its other features are

  • Its interest rate9.99% which is quite low, gives it a competitive advantage in the market.
  • Annual fees of just $50. Late payment fees of $32.
  • The purpose of charging late payments fees is to avoid late payment and to build a good credit rating.
  • Credit limit depends upon the collateral deposit that is made. Minimum amount is $200 and maximum $5,000.The disadvantage of using this card is it does not allow you any grace period.


6.Centennial Secured Silver Winning Award:


Designed for the people who have trouble with their credit history. Its features are.

  • Its APR is just 19.9% for both purchases and cash advance requirements.
  • It has grace period of 25 days. You have entire month to pay your balance.
  • Annual fees is $69. This card also has some other charges, which can be avoided like over limit fees and late payment fees.
  • Your credit payment history is reported to three major credit bureaus.






 7. New Millennium Bank:

It is a good option to rebuild your bad credit rating by simply applying with a saving account with minimum balance of $ 300 as guarantee.This card is accepted worldwide and 24-hour customer service is available.





8. First Premier Bank:



It is unsecured MasterCard and Visa Card which gives the chance to improve credit score. People can improve their credit score by an unsecured card. Being an unsecured credit card it provides you with legal protection .if card get lost or stolen customers can report this issue immediately.






9.Acount Now Prepaid Visa card:


Acount now prepaid card includes facilities like saves money by avoiding late fees or overdraft fees. Everyone is accepted with 100% approval.  Other features are

  • $0 monthly fees with no minimum balance requirement.
  • No overdraft fees and accepted worldwide.
  • You can earn purchase rewards.
  • In addition, good choice for occasional use.







10.  The Secured Visa from Merrick Bank:


  • Get FICO score with no monthly charges.
    • Credit line can be up to $ 3,000.
    • No application and processing fees.
    • It is accepted worldwide with several funding options.