Best Instant Approval Credit Cards for Bad Credit

September 1, 2013 by andrew

Even if you have bad credit, you are like everyone else–you want instant gratification. When you apply for a credit card, you don’t want to wait around for a decision, you want to know right away whether or not you are approved. While some cards don’t offer this, many do, and the following are just some of the best instant approval credit cards for bad credit.

1. Capital One Secured MasterCard

This instant approval MasterCard is a secured card which means it is easier for people with bad credit or no credit to get. An excellent option for rebuilding your credit history, it’s from a major creditor that reports to the credit bureaus, which should help you build credit faster if you use it responsibly. While this card does have an annual fee, it doesn’t have the application fees or processing fees, like many other secured cards do. Also, as your credit gets better, you may be eligible for credit line increases without increasing your deposit.


2. The Secured Visa from Merrick Bank


An easy to apply for card, if you have funding options available for the deposit, you could be approved for this card before you know it. A great option for building your credit, you could be approved for a credit line up to $3,000! Able to be used anywhere Visa is accepted, this instant approval card for folks with bad or no credit might be the card for you.


3. First Progress Platinum Select Secured MasterCard

154-first-progress-blackNot available in all states, this secured card could be your solution to building your credit. This instant approval card provides you with a credit line that matches up to your initial deposit, up to $2,000. Of course, it’s there for building your credit, so you will have your responsible credit card usage regularly reported to the credit bureaus. With a card like this and responsible usage, you could have an unsecured card before you know it.

VISA credit card

Photo credit:  Wallet– Håkan Dahlström Photography