Best Credit Card Offers to Sign Up for at the Airport

February 21, 2013 by andrew

I’m sure a lot of folks have signed up for a credit card offer when at a concert, festival, or sporting event. However, a new trend is credit card signups at the airport. Usually these cards that are being solicited to travelers in airport terminals are tied into an airline and offer travel rewards or frequent flier miles.

The folks filling out the paperwork for these cards are often in at least a tiny bit of a hurry, so it they may not have time to read the small print and determine whether or not the card is that great of an idea before signing on the dotted line. This is why I recommend signing up for credit cards online when you have time to read over terms, conditions, and other pertinent information. However, these cards being offered at the airport can be mighty appealing, especially if they offer rewards with an airline you fly and seem to provide competitive rates and fees. If you must signup for something, the following are generally your best bets:

delta skymiles amexGold Delta SkyMiles CreditCard

The Gold Delta SkyMiles CreditCard offers big bonuses for new users, like up to 30,000 miles, and this card definitely doles out a lot of perks. This card does offer an annual fee, but that is waved for the first year for new card users.


frontier cardFrontier World MasterCard

With the Frontier MasterCard you have two cards to choose from. Both cards are competitive with their rates, but one has no annual fee, something that is really, really rare for travel reward cards. The no annual fee version won’t dish out as many miles for every dollar spent, but it’s still more generous than not getting any at all.

premier worldUS Airways Premier World MasterCard

The US Airways Premier World MasterCard is loaded with perks, such as the ability to earn up to 40,000 bonus miles, value priced companion tickets, and priority boarding. While this card might not be the most competitive when it comes to rates and fees, the rewards make it quite worthwhile.


Photos: Delta Card–American Express, Frontier Card–MasterCard, US Airways–MasterCard

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